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artists: THE LOVERZ
album title: LOVE
11 tracks
46,8 minutes total running time
(listen little mpgs)

noreal payment system

how it works:

to buy the Loverz new Album "Love" just transfer any amount of money you like to pay and that you think is appropriate to the following account:

name : kornmod

International Bank Account Number : DE90 3705 0299 0000 2765 04


as purpose fill in "LOVE", your name and your address.

also available at the following record shops (fixed prices)


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please allow 2 to 3 weeks for delivery. in case your cd does not come in time, please bother to drop us a reminder here.
please remember postage and package costs, because we can not deliver, when you transfer too little.
we are situated in europe.
please help us maintaining our payment-system with your (no)realism.